Landowner Testimonials


Jim and his family have had four wells drilled on his property. In fact, his property has been in the family since 1875 and has experienced the benefits of free natural gas from these wells since 1932!

Jim describes his experiences with the wells on his property simply: “It has been great.”

Jim also points out that he believes wells can be drilled safely while still protecting the environment. “Anymore, you can’t tell that drilling has been there.” In fact, Jim would love to have more wells on his property because of his experience.

“There are a lot of landowners in my area that have wells. They use these wells to heat their homes. You wouldn’t find too many landowners in my area that would like that,” he said.

Jim is a supporter of local Ohio oil and natural gas supply. This is because he has seen oil and natural gas companies that preserve and protect the land that they have used for drilling. “After they are done with drilling and the land is reclaimed, it looks good. In fact, in some areas, it looks better than when they started the drilling.”

Jim believes that landowners just like him should be allowed to access oil and natural gas under their properties. As he put it, “if it’s down there, you might as well use it.”


Blaine and his family have three properties that have been used for oil and natural gas exploration. This includes their current home, along with other properties that have experienced the benefit of wells since the 1970’s.

Blaine currently receives a royalty check and free natural gas from these wells. These wells have had an impact on his family and their budget. “The best benefit for us is the income,” he said.

The well on Blaine’s property is currently run by Artex Oil Company. Blaine has enjoyed his experience in dealing with Artex Oil. “Over the years, I have dealt with over 20 companies. Artex is the best company that I have dealt with. Everything they have said they would do, they have done.” Blaine mentioned that Artex Oil did an excellent job during the entire drilling process, but especially during the reclamation process.

Blaine states that his experiences with oil and gas wells throughout the years show drilling can be done safely and relatively efficiently. “There has been drilling done on a very small footprint.” 


Dwain has had two wells drilled on his property. Dwain is proud to have these wells on his property because of the importance of Ohio produced oil and natural gas to our economy. “It’s what is driving our industrial engine.”

Because of these wells, Dwain has taken the opportunity to give back to others in his community. “My royalty income has allowed me to build a hunting preserve on my land. That would never have been a reality without the well income.” Dwain said that every dollar of his royalty income has gone into building this project.

Dwain praised his experience with Artex Oil Company, one of the companies who operates a well on his property. “I have had a superb relationship and overall experience with Artex Oil. They have exceeded my expectations, including helping me with wildlife food plots.”


Joe has one well on his property. He has seen several benefits from oil and natural gas production already.

“The biggest benefit is the royalty income. It has been a very good producing well,” Joe said. Joe also noted that he receives an additional benefit of free natural gas from the well.

Joe was also pleased with the entire drilling process, including reclamation. Joe noted that a pond was created on his property by the company drilling his well that he enjoys today.

Joe has seen the impact of oil and natural gas in his community as well. “The oil and gas industry has been a big economic boost for our community. Anywhere you drill is going to have a big economic boost,” he said. Joe mentioned that several wells in his community are very good producing wells that benefit his neighbors.