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Artex Oil Company, Ohio
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  Artex Oil Company has become one of the largest oil and gas producers in Ohio. Today we pay out millions of dollars per year in royalties to landowners. This would be impossible without the cooperation of numerous landowners granting thousands of oil and gas leases. Artex invests significant funds to explore on these leases using state of the art seismic and drilling techniques. These techniques greatly increase our success as well as the royalties paid to the landowners.  Artex is currently responsible for the creation and continuation of at least 500 jobs in our area of operations. Our staff of professionals and supporting contractors are setting the standard for the production of oil and gas in Ohio to expand our presence and performance for many years to come.

“Jerry James and Gene Huck, President and Vice President, respectively, of Artex Oil [Company], one of Ohio's largest oil and gas producers, were honored with the 2013 Marietta Area Chamber of Commerce Business Leader of the Year award.  U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson said James and Huck are leading the way in the local oil and gas industry.  ‘They are great, and on the forefront of the industry's development,’ he said. ‘They understand the issues, and their company is growing because they both believe in the economic boom the oil and gas industry is bringing into this area.’”


Artex Oil Company Industry Awards


President, Jerry James, named Workhorse Award Recipient by Southeastern Ohio Oil and Gas Association

Artex Oil Company becomes member of the Explorer Foundation, Corporate Discovery Club of the Ohio Oil and Gas Association

President, Jerry James, inducted into the Marietta College Petroleum Engineers Hall of Fame
Vice President, Gene Huck, named Workhorse Award Recipient by Southeastern Ohio Oil and Gas Association

President, Jerry James, named inaugural Oilfield Patriot Award Recipient by Ohio Oil and Gas Association
Artex Oil Company recognized as the first to reach total drilling depth with PDC Bit on air in drilling the Grove Unit #1 well in Guernsey County, Ohio

Artex Oil Company named Oil-field Operations Award Recipient by Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Mineral Resources Management